Patrick Sagaram

Patrick Sagaram
Patrick Sagaram

Patrick Sagaram is the author of Dark Disneyland. Patrick lives in Singapore and works as a Teacher.

Author Q & A

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this story?

It’s a meditation on the life and what it means to live in my city. It’s also about the obsession with wealth, career, indulgences and possessions. How a city has become a playground for the self-serving affluent class and a waypoint for sojourners.

When did you start writing?

Probably in my mid-thirties. I wrote for the sheer enjoyment that writing brings.

Do you have a favourite genre?

Realism, magic realism, surrealism

What’s your favourite book or short story?

Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

What has been your biggest challenge as a writer?

I find it a struggle to find the time to write. I usually sit down to write after work during weekdays but it gets quite exhausting, especially when I’m saddled with deadlines at work. In the weekends it’s easier but then the writing takes precedence over other social commitments. That can become problematic at times.

Another challenge is in regard to the craft of writing – it takes practice and patience to pick the words that I really want. There must be fire between the words. And that’s really difficult.

What do you most enjoy about writing?

Besides experimenting with prose, I enjoy the improvisational aspects of writing. Letting the narrative take you places you’d never dared to go.

Amazon: Friend or foe?

Friend. At least most of the time.

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