As of 6th June 2015, Short Story Sunday is on hiatus.

This site is actively maintained as an archive site and you can view the full library of stories here.

Publisher Details

Short Story Sunday is published by New Idealist Limited.

Short Story Sunday is a registered trademark of New Idealist Limited.

A Company Registered in England 08295200. Registered Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX. (Registered office address only accepts official government notices, author enquiries should be made via the online form below).

Previously Published Author Enquiries

If you are an author who has had your story published on Short Story Sunday and you have a removal request relating to your published story on this site (for example, if you have sold your story to a publisher), please use the form below as the email address is not actively monitored.

Please ensure you verify yourself as the author/author representative (agent/publisher) by confirming in the form below, the author name as used on this site, the title of the published story on this site, the email address used for correspondence/submission of the author story and the original date of story submission via this site.

Please be aware you may be asked for further information to verify you are the author/official representative.

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