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As of 6th June 2015, Short Story Sunday is on hiatus and is not currently accepting new submissions.

All pending stories have now been published – if you have submitted a story to us previously and it has not yet been published please submit elsewhere.

You can still browse our previously published stories on our library page here.

Thank you for your interest in Short Story Sunday.

24 thoughts on “Submit Your Story

  1. An access code to an Exclusive Short Story published for members only

    Hi where do I get this access code from please?


  2. Hi,
    I’ve just started trying to write a few bits and pieces. I’m quite excited about this site and have just submitted my first short story!



  3. Can I submit a short story that has been posted to another short story website (I gained no profit, nor did they to my knowledge)?


  4. I would like to submit a story. Do contact details need to be included on the attached story itself or is it enough to simply include these details in the email?


  5. I know you encourage writers not to be too preoccupied with their genre for submission. But are real life stories eligible?


    1. Thank you for your enquiry Carrie.

      There was some initial discussion about whether to include real life stories as a category and it was decided not to do so due to potential legal complications around those mentioned or featured in a story.

      As a result the decision was made to remain a site specialising in short fiction only.

      Short Story Sunday Admin.


  6. I was wondering if there was an age limit/requirement to Short Story Sunday, as I am very interested in joining but unsure whether I am eligible.


  7. I would submit a story write now, but there doesn’t seem to be a link. Everything I click leads me to the same page that I was previously on.


  8. This looks like a fab new project!
    I’ll be sending a story along soon and I’ll mention this project to my online writer’s group too.
    It’s great to see a new opportunity for writers.
    Kind regards


  9. This looks an exciting site! I’m a new writer, taking baby steps, and would like to submit a couple of stories in the next few days.


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