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Exclusive Member Story: Thalia By Patrick Sagaram

ThaliaThe muse comes to me on a Saturday morning, while I am in bed, tucked underneath the covers, luxuriating in waves of sleep. She tries descending on me in a dream, but since her attempts at poking through my unconsciousness are unsuccessful, she glares at me through slivers of sunshine, rousing me awake.

I’m ready for you to write me, she says.

But it’s still early, I tell her drowsily. Not now. You better come back later. So she did. About forty-five minutes later that morning when I’d finally gotten out of bed, washed up and peered into the fridge, looking for milk and eggs only to find what looked like two cloves of wrinkled garlic.

I’m ready now, she says. Write. Now.


Dark Disneyland By Patrick Sagaram

Dark DisneylandIT WAS ONE OF THOSE EXTRAORDINARY AND INFREQUENT MOMENTS when their dreams however hazy and misshapen did attain perfection. Most of the time, they were a series of narratives of pure imagery, flowing like quicksilver, defining their experiences with such lucidity that when they awoke, it often amazed them what the eye of their minds can achieve.

          They are creatures of imagination and artistry during nocturnal hours, leaving them hollow and empty during the day.

They usually rise from their concrete panopticons from uneasy dreams and begin their daily transformation; individuals bent on consumption who unbeknownst to them are the means of production, mere vassals that power this dreamlike world, this dark disneyland.


Patrick Sagaram

Patrick Sagaram
Patrick Sagaram

Patrick Sagaram is the author of Dark Disneyland. Patrick lives in Singapore and works as a Teacher.

Author Q & A

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this story?

It’s a meditation on the life and what it means to live in my city. It’s also about the obsession with wealth, career, indulgences and possessions. How a city has become a playground for the self-serving affluent class and a waypoint for sojourners.

When did you start writing?

Probably in my mid-thirties. I wrote for the sheer enjoyment that writing brings.

Do you have a favourite genre?

Realism, magic realism, surrealism

What’s your favourite book or short story?

Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting